The EEGsynth at La Générale

Du lundi 29 avril 2024
au dimanche 12 mai 2024

Musique et neurosciences

Résidence de travail

We will develop multiple musical performances using real time EEG.


Samon Takahashi, Stephen Whitmarsh, Per Huttner, Tomas Nordmark och Sonja Tofik. Vision Forum/EEGsynth


Vision Forum is organising Transformation III in various locations in France during 2024. Transformation III is an “open format festival” which showcases using biofeedback in music. Within Transformation III, the EEGsynth team will present various forms of performances. The residency at La Generale gives us the opportunity to rehearse and to develop the two concerts/performances. Within Transformation III, performances will be shown in Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux. Per Huttner and Tomas Nordmark will also prepare for a tour of Japan during the residency at La Générale.



The Swedish Arts Council



La Générale est mise à la porte fin novembre 2024 !