1er - 30 novembre / A place becomes an escape from time & Snow in Mória / Sculpture, son, arts numériques

Résidence de travail

A sculpture holding the sound of water from sites of migration/deportation // a speaking AI trained on dream journals.   AVEC : Jessica Feldman   LE PROJET : During this residency, two projects are developed:  A place becomes an escape from time combines Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and sound installation. An AI is trained on dream journals from the past year of confinement, and generates its own dreams, which it speaks. Speakers are embedded in an abstract, membranous, corporeal sculpture. The piece considers which forms of consciousness are capable of creating art. Snow in Mória is a sound installation made in collaboration with Refocus Media Labs (Lesvos, Greece). The piece will be an installation of two tall, parallel, cinderblock walls with speakers embedded, “bleeding” the sound of water. The audio is composed from field recordings gathered from important sites of migration and deportation, including the camps in Lesvos, tent camps around Paris, as well as the Holocaust deportation memorial on the Île de Cité, Paris.   LIENS : http://jessicafeldman.org/ Insta : @nsafbicia Vidéos : http://jessicafeldman.org/site/snowinmoria/