Mercredi 9 décembre: Migrations climatiques et Titanic

Ouverture des portes à 20h

Réflexion autour des migrations climatiques avec une pièce décapante (en anglais) du collectif Dopplegangster.
Suivi d’un débat / discussion.


A satirical maelstrom of language, sounds and physical images, including the misreporting of
recent migrant boating disasters, political spin, media anxiety and comments from political
leaders all reimagined as the making of Hollywood propaganda film, James Cameron’s Titanic.Starring all your favourite performers: Titanic Director Prime Minister David Cameron MP,
Korean karaoke star Ms Celine Dion, Rose (an actual rose) and real-life, handsome (though
slightly aged) Leonardo DiCaprio. Using new technology, audio recording and projection
mapping, Doppelgangster’s post-dramatic, vaudevillian, and epistemological approach reimagines
the fate of the ‘unsinkable ship’, described by press, politicians and the Hollywood
propaganda machine as the ‘world’s most tragic shipping disaster’.Doppelgangster are an international performance company spanning UK, South Korea and
This experimental, mobile performance confronts the atrocities of recent global migrant crises
by subverting real and fictional narratives within the bombast and iconoclastic making of the
‘show’ of the Hollywood movie, James Cameron’s Titanic (1997). Doppelgangster’s political
satire is about ‘educated guesses’ and the impossible pursuit of ‘truth’.This at times controversial show is performed in, on and around a shipping container – living,
groaning and sinking into the Atlantic ocean. It wilfully embraces and confronts public space,
and over the course of sixty two-minutes Doppelgangster presents a highly entertaining,
wilfully provocative, and experimental disaster.



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