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䷢ ䷣ represents La Générale at Artience, Daejeon (South Korea), Oct 10-31, 2019. Here are more documentations and ressources linked with this project at the crossroads of art and science.

  1. Written documents
  2. More videos
  3. References of the books presented, and more…
  4. Pictures references and sources
  5. An example : autism, scientism, eugenism
  6. Traditional biotechs
  7. Acknwoledgements

  1. Written documents

  2. – Presentation of the project in French, in English, in Korean.

    – Marcellin Berthelot’s 1894 text in French, in English, in Korean.

    – Student’s revolt : in French, in English, in Korean.

  3. More Videos

  4. References of the books….

  5. On the bookshelf :

  6. Pictures references and sources

  7. The graphic elements shown in the exhibition are an assemblage of personal pictures mixed with magnified details found in the following vintage science education books. The oldest amog them were edited with the help of the united nation just after the terrible Korean war. The quality of the science explained here is amazing. It includes some positivist propaganda, of course, but also many of the modern « collapse » issues: pollution by smog or pesticides, future energy issues and dependence on fossil fuels, demography issues,… The illustrations I extracted from there have unknown authors, as far as I know. Any information about the anonymous authors of those often very touching picture is welcome ( write at this email adress ).

  • Autism, scientism, eugenism

  • I took the following picture in the « Future Tech » hall at the National Museum for Science in Daejeon. In this document, a desirable (?) future is presented, in which « autism, an incurable desease » is removed, thanks a to gene therapy developped at KAIST. Such an eugenist claim would have been highly controversial in Europe, not only because it is questionable in purely scientifique terms (is such a gene theray actually possible?), but mostly because « autism » is not considred anymore as a « desease », but more and more as a case of psychodiversity. For example, is a world without Greta Thunberg really desirable? I am ignorant of the terms of the debate in Asia, please feel free to contact me in case you have ideas or documentaions about this complex issue.

  • Traditional biotechs

  • Korean culture is incredibly rich in agriculture and food technique that can recieve an a-posteriori interpretation in terms of modern science : fermentations in the first place : to be developped here soon.

    About rice

  • Acknowledgements

  • The completion of this project was made possible thanks to the teams of the Daejeon Culture and Art Foundation together with the help of the Institut Français en Corée du Sud. I would like to thank them heartfully. Above all I would like to thanks the many Korean folks who generously gave me some precious moments for an interview or a discussion during my research stay. I really learnt a lot from them. I also have to acknowledge the important and longlasting influence of Choi Binna (Fabcoop, Unmake Lab) concerning my understanding of the technology issue in Korea. I learnt most of what I know about the city of Daejeon from the incredible expertise Yeo Sanghee. I also would like to thank Cho Sukhyeon, Koo Moduk, Park Sunil, Sin Ifie, J&K, Soom B, Kim Myungjoo, George F, Lee Jiyoung, Théo C, Ida F, Gérard F, Sébastien J, Julien I, La Générale, for their kind help and their ideas.

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